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Saffron Sensation


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Saffron Sensation


Our Saffron Sensation bouquets are made up of our best and freshest orange, yellow, blue flowers and will typically include roses, gerberas, lisianthus, chrysanthemums, sea holly, the best orange, yellow and blue flowers of the season and greenery.

They are presented with a water bubble, pre-arranged and will only require putting into a vase after 48 hours.


If you would like something specific please type in requests in 'Special Instructions' i.e include carnations or no chrysanthemums.  (We will always try and fulfil all special requests - including delivery times - but we can not guarantee to meet them).


Warm but not mushy, orange mixes the passion of red with the unbridled happiness of yellow. Pride, energy, and confidence imbue the meaning of flowers ranging from vermillion to ginger. Whether spreading their zest through their own bouquet or else spicing up an assorted bunch, orange flowers are vibrant and vibrancy is fun.

Orange roses are fun, their subgroups come into great varieties there are the Star 2000, Sari, Terra Cotta, Briana, Corvette, and Estelle. The great thing about orange flowers are the amounts of different shades available. You can get coral, or more of a burnt orange, or even the apricot colors. It never seems to end with the amount of different color of orange roses there are.


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